Michoud To The Moon
Allen, John Henry, Preliminary Design Illustrator. Born November 15, 1943 in Puyallup, Washington. John responded to the Apollo TIE Program from Seattle in June, 1967. He produced presentation and publication material in support of the Apollo TIE Task Team managers who were defining the Boeing role. He also performed Lead Illustrator duties directing the activity of other Illustrators on a 12 to 18 hours per day basis. In August of 1967 he accepted the Lead Illustrator position in the Audio Visual and Publications Group and was vital to establishing production methods and standards to achieve fast, economical presentation media. He assisted in the planning and design of special presentations and other projects for the Apollo TIE managers, Taylor, Patrick Henry, was born in Yakima, Washington on March 17, 1943. His association with The Boeing Company began in April 1962 when he joined the Minuteman Planning and Control Organization. Pat was involved in many facets of that organization, acquiring a thorough knowledge of Program Planning and Control functions which he brought to the Apollo TIE Program in October 1967. In the capacity of Resident Schedule Planner he has contributed to the development and implementation of internal control systems, scheduling and planning assistance to WDC-TIE organizations and preparation of management reports.
Saturn S-1C & SAT V
                                                    Washington, D.C.
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