Saturn S-1C
    Name Submittal
Michoud To The Moon
Name Submittal Activation of Name Record    Activation of the three part Name Record consisting of a ”Contribution” section,  “Life - Before & After the S1-C” section, and “Memorial” section. This activation includes the initial input in the ”Contribution” section. It is to be noted that we have access to an initial write-up for each of the 5,000 plus names currently listed. These names come from the “Apollo/Saturn Roll of Honor” by The Boeing Company published in 1968.  (It is to noted that over time, we plan to input all 5,000 Name Records}. The activation of the record of your choice does not require a fee. “Contribution” Section   Upon activation of the Name Record, you or your family members may want to revise or expand the write-up as listed on the “Contribution” section.  Any changes or expansion does not require a fee. “Life - Before & After the S1-C” Section   One of the main objective of this Web Site is to highlight the individuals, where they came from and where they went upon completion of the Apollo mission. We hope that many Apollo contributors or relatives will participate in this effort. Input to this section does not require a fee. “Memorial” Section    Name Records would not be complete without a person’s last remembrance. Honor your love-one or friend with an initial input in the “Memorial” section. Input to this section does not require a fee. Form of Submittal   All input submittals must be provided in text form in your E-Mail or as an attachment. Any photos must be provided as a JPEG file attachment. Address your E-Mail to: