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Tarkington, Jr., Burton Booth, Engineering Aide. Born July 26, 1943 in Warsaw, New York. Mr. Tarkington was an Engineering Aide in the Hardware Product Analysis Organization. His review of all Purchase Requisitions initiated by this organization was essential for the timely support of submittals on Contract Change Order 723. The preparation of an unusually difficult report on the "60B73091-1 Printed Circuit in a 60B73024 1A Measuring Rack Assembly" revealed a potentially serious condition which warranted prompt corrective action. Tortorich, Ralph Jon, Quality Program Planner. Born July 1,1939 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Ralph rapidly reports and charts for management's assessment of revised S-IC schedules. Ralph was named  Quality Assurance Factory Operations Man-of-the-Month for his outstanding achievements in his field.  
Saturn S-1C
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