Michoud To The Moon
Simpson,Robert Roy, Superintendent. Born March 10, 1931 in Carbonado, Washington. Mr. Simpson was noted for his guidance and leadership in the acquisition of equipment, staffing of skilled personnel, and the establishment of specialized optical inspection systems for the measurement of large boosters. Spohn, Carroll James , Quality Source Representative. Born March 3, 1939 in Wichita. Kansas. As a Quality Investigator, his initiative in developing methods for implementing Quality Assurance requirements in the S-IC static test stand maintenance program at the Mississippi Test Facility was essential to its success. During the construction phase of the S-IC complex at MTF, he was responsible for assuring compliance with requirements of contractor work on the facility, and later served as the Quality Representative to the Open Items Assessment meetings to assure S-IC stage test readiness. He was instrumental in the establishment of effective procedures for assuring conformance of program requirements for the static testing of the Saturn stages S-IC-T through S-IC-5. He was promoted to Source Control Representative with the responsibility of assuring the integrity of equipment and material manufactured by subcontracting firms for the Manned Space Flight Program.
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