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Occhipinti, Gasper Charles, was born December 14, 1934 in New Orlans, La. Joined the S1C program the beginning of 1962 as a Quality Engineer. One of his first assignments was to develop a concept to radiographic inspect welds of the large LOX and Fuel Tanks of the S-1C which due to their large size presented a production  challenge. He developed a document describing in detail a Semi-Automatic Radiographic System to inspect the various configurations of welds on the bulkhead and cyclinical  tank components. The system included such features as a traveling X-Ray film casset, angular X-Ray unit which could determine the depth of defects in welds, a film identification system and a motorized incremental positioning system for various configurations. This document was utilized by Michoud Operations to perform the detail design of the various systems with the production tooling being built at Boeing Wichita.  As a result of this concept, Gasper Occhipinti received recognition for several new technology items. In 1963, Gasper was promoted as Manager of the Factory Nondestructive Testing activities which included radiographic inspection. In 1965 he was promoted as Quality and Reliability Assurrance Factory Operations Manager which included all factory hardware fabrication and S-1C stage assembly inspection along with Quality Assurance verification of sub-system and stage test activities.  The entire Quality and Reliability Assurance team did its part to insure all successful launches of the S-1C beginning with Apollo 4 on November 9, 1967.  Gasper was presented an award by Astronaut Fred Haise of Apollo 13 fame  for his leadership with the Quality Maintenance Program as part of the TIE program. Oppenheim,Jay Warren, (Supervising Engineer. Born January 13, 1935 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Jay was in charge of the Hardware Product Analysis Laboratory and directed Equipment Quality Analyses on stage and ground support hardware to assure compliance with applicable specifications. Phelps, Victor Maurice , Superintendent, Receiving Inspection. Born June 10, 1932 in St. Paul, Minnesota. For several years Mr. Phelps was Supervisor of the Quality Audit Group at Michoud. He was responsible to make certain that all Quality and Reliability Assurance organizations functioned according to the stringent quality control plan established for the S-IC vehicle. He was later promoted to Superintendent of the Quality Receiving Inspection Organization. In this position he was responsible for establishing inspection plans and executed them in Receiving Inspection. Through his thorough knowledge of quality control disciplines and his managerial ability, he helped make certain that all materials used on the S-IC vehicle conformed with engineering and program requirements. Memorial    Victor Maurice Phelps, age 81, of Mountain Home, Arkansas passed away Saturday, November 23, 2013, in Mountain Home. He was born June 10, 1932, in St. Paul, Minnesota to Croley and Lynette (Dodson) Phelps.Mr. Phelps married Connie Jones DeCota December 27, 1984, in New Orleans, Louisiana. He worked in Quality Control for Boeing and Lockheed-Martin for 29 years. He served in the National Guard. He was a member of the First Christian Church in Mountain Home. Mr. Phelps is survived by his wife: Connie Phelps of Mountain Home, a son: Corley Phelps of New Orleans, Louisiana, a daughter: Lynette Baradell and Barry of New Orleans, Louisiana, a step-son: Douglas DeCota and Laura of Metairie, Louisiana, a step-daughter: Teresa Humble of Mandeville, Louisiana, six grandchildren: Alicia, Kristy, Ashley, David Lee, Daniel Victor and Bethany and five great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents, two brothers: Leland and Paul and his first wife: Shirley Phelps. Polen, Robert William, Metrology Aide. Born June 16, 1931 in Red Lodge.Montana. While employed in the Michoud Measurement Control Laboratory, Robert collaborated with fellow employees to develop a method by which a watt meter could be used with increased accuracy. This development enabled the laboratory to provide better service and, utilized by Engineering, provided more accurate power measurements for analysis. Also during January of 1967, Robert was a member of a team sent from the Michoud Measurement Control Laboratory to the Mississippi Test Facility to calibrate and certify pressure gauges and pressure indicating systems. The effort of this team was a major contributing factor toward the on-schedule and successful checkout of the S-IC Static Firing Complex. Prell, Merlin James, Superintendent. Born May 28, 1923 in Tomah, Wisconsin. Mel had prime responsibility for originating quality procedures and plans in support of the manufacturing and testing activities. He was responsible for the inspection processes on the first piece of hardware ever welded at Michoud the machined Y Ring. Puglisi, Philip, Supervisor. Born November 29 1926 in Arnold, Pennsylvania. Phil joined the program as a Program Planner and advanced to a Special Quality Investigator. He received numerous awards and commendations for cost savings and his efforts in promoting department cost improvements. Later he became Supervisor and served in reorganization and improvement of the effectiveness of the Factory Operation's Inspection Organization. RatzlIff, Harold Lloyd Lead Investigator. Born November 26, 1927 in Goessel, Kansas. Mr. Ratzliff, better known as "Kelly", investigated unplanned events and processed problems so expeditiously that one was aware of their magnitude only in retrospect. He accepted emergency assignments, such as the identification and physical location of suspected tube assembly nuts, and delivered answers without permitting any slow down in other investigations which were already in progress.
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