Michoud To The Moon
McManus, Jane Parker, Secretary. Born January 17, 1939 in Leesville, Louisiana. Janie, as secretary to the Quality and Reliability Assurance Factory Operations Manager, contributed significantly to the efficiency and effectiveness of his office. Janie was the first Secretary in the department to receive the Zero Defects award. Musser, Charles William, Supervising Engineer. Born April 16, 1912 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Mr. Musser submitted, through the NASA New Technology Program, (1) a Topo-graphical Recorder, which will permit the operator to instantly make a cross section drawing of any OD surface desired and (2) an Automatic Contour Checking System which utilizes an electromagnetic search unit to record the relationship between any surface and the template for which it was designed. Due to his interest in infrared as a nondestructive testing method, such equipment was obtained for use at Michoud. In crack depth determination by use of eddy currents, he conceived the idea of using finely powdered metal, dissimilar to the surface to be tested, to give a mass variation that could be interpreted with the inspecting instrument. The most widely acclaimed of his contributions was the Tape Leak Detection System. This technique utilizes water soluble paper as an insulator between an aluminum tape electrical conductor and the weld seam which is being hydrostatically tested. This item not only saved thousands of dollars for the S-IC Program, it resulted in Mr. Musser being selected to serve as a member of the National Committee on leak  detection for the American Society for Nondestructive Testing. Charlie joined the Apollo Program In September of 1962. From the beginning, through all the stages of promotion, his requirements, his goals, his successes, never varied but were increased In depth and magnitude. As Supervising Engineer, he directed a group whose efforts were responsible for the technology, implementation, and documentation of nondestructive testing of S-IC containers.
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