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Heausler, Thelmarita, Engineering Aide. Born May 5, 1926 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Mrs. Heausler was assigned to the Metallurgical Laboratory where she performed tests on raw materials and standard parts to help determine that they met specifications. Hawkins, Morris Clifton, Research Engineer. Born June 5, 1917 in Lorena, Mississippi. Morris was a Research Engineer with the Q&RA X-ray Department. In the early stage of the X-ray program, he developed X-ray techniques that were used throughout the S IC program. His sincere attitude in assignments as Equipment and Safety Engineer were of the highest degree. This was a contributing factor  to the superior quality of the X-ray inspection and the safety attitude of all inspection personnel. Immich, Francis Charles, Engineer. Born June 11, 1917 in Oswego, Kansas. At the beginning of the program when supplies, personnel, facilities, and materials were all in short supply, Frank's ability to improvise was recognized as a valuable asset. His strict adherence to the Quality disciplines so important in the program and his conscientious attitude toward his job were outstanding. Frank was responsible for the development of Command Media, Reference Standards, Quality Manuals, and documents, which were vital. Frank's major contribution was the successful activation of the Mechanized X-Ray Tooling Program. Ingle, Leonard Clark, Supervisor. Born December 15, 1924 in Belleplain, Kansas. Mr. Ingle, a Source Control Representative assigned to the Midwestern Area Source Control Office, was responsible for the quality of products being purchased from several suppliers of critical components. His assignments included suppliers of valve assemblies, machine parts, electrical components, and large complicated ducting. Johns, Patricia Eleanor, Stenographer. Born August 18, 1943 in Lexington, Kentucky. Patti joined the program as a Typist and progressed to the position of Stenographer in the Containers Organization. She was responsible for the maintenance of all incoming and outgoing correspondence, personnel records, as well as establishing files and updating manuals and charts. She was selected as the  Quality  Maintenance   Engineering's  Secretary-of-the-Month in Month in November 1968. Jordan, Bobby Mark, Engineering Aide. Born October 15, 1944 in Forrest County, Mississippi. Bobby performed tests related to verification of manufacturing processes, contamination control and nondestructive testing.  
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