Michoud To The Moon
Faia, Louis Joseph, Inspector. Born October 8, 1934 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Louis worked as a Machined Parts Inspector in Receiving Inspection. He performed visual and dimensional inspections in accordance with engineering drawings and specifications. He worked in the Raw Material Stores and performed maintenance of special tools used in Receiving Inspection. Gilmer, Gerald Gordon, Supervisor. Born June 26, 1935 in Sullignet, Alabama. Jerry, as Supervisor in the electrical/electronic fabrication area, established a program of coordination between them and the Equipment Quality Analysis Section. He was also instrumental in obtaining desirable engineering changes in the use of foaming material in the electrical distributors. Guillot, Michael Guillot,  Engineer. Born March I, 1936 in Hessmer, Louisiana. David submitted and received approval for the following new technology items during the S IC program at Michoud: plan for aluminum alloy iridite conversion coating, plan for manual etching, plan for painting, and plan for structurally bonding metal to metal. He maintained a diligent attitude toward his job and constantly worked to improve working conditions in the Clean Room Operations of the weld container area.
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