Michoud To The Moon
Casebonne, Tyron John,  Research Engineer. Born July 25, 1940 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Tyrone was a Chemist in the Quality Evaluation Laboratory at the Michoud Assembly Facility. He performed tests on raw materials, standards, manufacturing processes, contamination control items, and chemistry unknowns. Choina, Shirley Ann, Stenographer. Born June 30, 1943 in Texas City, Texas. Shirley's initial assignment at the Michoud Assembly Facility on March 6, 1965, was with the Industrial Relations Organization. She was promoted to the Quality and Reliability Assurance Product Delivery Organization in January of 1967, where she received recognition for her contributions to the S-IC-3 First Article Configuration Inspection. On June 28, 1968, Shirley was promoted to Secretary to the Qualify Procurement Support Manager. During the month of February 1969, Shirley was selected as Quality and Reliability Assurance's "Secretary-of-the- Month" for constantly improving her work and having developed into a zero defects Secretary. Her knowledge of the secretarial disciplines proved to be a valuable asset while assisting the Quality Procurement Support Manager in assuring that only defect free materials were used on the S-IC vehicle. Cooper, Robert Lee, Supervising Engineer. Born April 5, 1923 in Meridian, Mississippi. Mr. Cooper displayed outstanding performance in the field of new technology. Over a period of four years, Bob had three items accepted in this field. They were: (1) Film Transfer Unit, (2) X Ray Film Paper Stripper and (3)  Radiographic Inspection Orientation Plan. These three items were significant contributions to our radiographic evaluation program and were considered as being noteworthy in the overall success of the S IC.
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