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Abadie, Louis Leon,  Quality Program Planner. Born April 18, 1910 In New Orleans, Louisiana. "Buster" joined The Boeing Company in July 1964. He transferred to S-IC Test Inspection in March 1965 where he assumed responsibility to review procedures, prepare management visibility reports, coordinate NASA support requirements and perform many special assignments for the Unit Superintendent. Buster participated in locating the site of the Mississippi Test Facility. Buster spent many hours flying several prominent Boeing Corporate executives over Louisiana and Mississippi in search of an area which would  be suitable for the test site. It was due to his skill and knowledge of the local terrain that the Boeing executives were able to select such a well suited test site. Additionally, Buster was directly responsible for recommending for employment many skilled people from the New Orleans area. A large number of those personnel advanced to management positions with The Boeing Company Adams William Morris, Procurement Planner. Born April 15, 1938 in Sarepta, Mississippi. Bill worked as a Lead in Receiving Inspection, then promoted to procurement planner he reviewed purchase documentation to assure that quality requirements were made known to hardware suppliers. Anderson, Clifford Anthony, Inspector. Born December 8, 1939 in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. Cliff worked as a Machined Parts Inspector in Receiving Inspection. He was primarily responsible for performing inspections on complex or critical to manned flight hardware, and was proficient in the use of inspection measurement and test equipment. Anderson, Gladys Mary,  Engineering Aide. Born January 15, 1923 in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts. Gladys, while working as a member of the Configuration Accountability Group, was responsible for maintaining the Log Books, and the control and reporting of alt instrumentation traceabiiity data. Her performance in controlling the above data on the S-IC-5 and S-IC-6 stages during the month of July 1967 resulted in four volumes of defect-free Booster Summary Document material. The extensive coordination with other organizations required by this function was handled with tact and professional competence. Anderson,   Harry   Goodwin,    Quality   Engineering   Manager.   Born   March   1,   1931   in   Salem,   Oregon.   Harry joined    the   Apollo    Team    in    December    1961,    stepping    in    as    Manager    of    the    new    Quality    Engineering Organization   at   Michoud.   (The   units   under   his   supervision   soon   engaged   in   design   review   audits   to   assure all   Quality   units   compiled   with   program   requirements,   stage   configuration   accountability,   stage   delivery, hardware    failure    and    rejection    data    tracking    and    analysis,    and    special,    intensive    laboratory    tests    of production   hardware.   Certain   tasks   performed   under   his   supervision   were   providing   instantaneous   history on   each   Boeing   manufactured   S-IC   stage.   Harry   served   as   the   Quality   and   Reliability   Assurance   Member   to the    Assessment    Board    which    met    previous    to    Apollo    flights    to    assure    necessary    technical    program corrective actions had been taken prior to launches. Appel, Frank R., Quality Assurance Investigator, Born August 2, 1939 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Through thorough application and a particular aptitude as an investigator for several years, Frank solved many problems of nonconformity between drawings and hardware. His expeditious handling of problem areas helped to keep production on schedule and insured the high reliability of the end product. Babylon, Hugh Roy, Quality Project Engineer. Born October 17, 1938 in New Orleans, Louisiana. As Lead Quality Project Engineer in the Master Configuration Control Center at the Michoud Assembly Facility, Hugh was chiefly responsible for the operation of the Quality and Reliability Assurance "As Built" computer system which was vital to timely transfer and delivery of S-IC stages. Hugh's analysis and investigative efforts in the determination of problems and the coordination with other affected organizations to effect corrective action was outstanding. Bailey Richard Dean, Tooling Inspector. Born May 6, 1938 in Birmingham, Alabama. Richard was with the Saturn Program from March 1963 through April 1966. He was assigned Lead inspection responsibilities in the optical metrology inspection area. His duties consisted of dimensional inspection of major components and stage alignments. Richard contributed to the Apollo Program by improving the methods used to accomplish dimensional inspections. Baker, Robert Alan, Engineering Aide. Born September 19, 1939 in Tacoma, Washington. Mr. Baker was an Engineering Aide in the Hardware Product Analysis Organization. He was responsible for the preparation of the organizational portion of the Monthly Quality Status Reports. When presented at monthly report meetings, they received the favorable comment of NASA. His Equipment Quality Analysis Report on Zone Box Assemblies was prepared in keeping with the high precepts of the Zero Defects Program. Barre, Vernon Joseph, Inspector Experimental Assembler. Born June 29, 1942 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Vernon began his service with the Launch Vehicle Branch in the Manufacturing Organization. In December 1965, Vernon transferred to the Quality and Reliability Assurance Organization and began applying his knowledge and experience toward assuring that the high quality standard set by the Launch Vehicle Branch was maintained. Beginning with the S IC stage, an extensive Manufacturing Verification Test phase was initiated in the Michoud Factory area. As a Lead Inspector, Vernon was instrumental in establishing the inspection procedure for documenting and reworking of discrepancies. Bell, Russell Robert,  Precision Machinist. Born April 30, 1903 in Francesville, Indiana. Mr. Bell was a Precision Machinist in the Quality Evaluation Laboratory at the Michoud Assembly Facility. He was responsible for making thousands of laboratory test specimens used in the Physical Test, Chemical, and Metallurgical Laboratories. Through his skill and his exceptionally conscientious attitude, he helped to ensure that only defect-free materials were used on the S-IC vehicle. Blakely, Walter Maurice, Jr., Engineer. Born January 19, 1931 in Hollis, Oklahoma. Walt joined the Saturn Program in March 1962, and was assigned to the Quality and Reliability Assurance functions in Receiving Inspection, Calibration/Certification of Test Equipment, Design Support Laboratories, GSE Fabrication and Planning Audit. He later transferred to the Test Inspection area in 1964, and was reclassified as Quality Engineer. Walt did considerable research, contributed and received recognition for a number of facts, ideas, and possibilities relative to NASA launch vehicle storage. All of his engineering efforts exemplify the Zero Defects concept. Bennett, Perry Myro, Industrial Engineer, was Born August 13, 1931 in Fargo, North Dakota. After working for The Boeing Company six years, he joined the Saturn Program on February 5, 1962 as the Quality and Reliability Assurance Procedures Coordinator. In this job, he was responsible for the initiation, development, and publication of the S-IC Quality Control Plan, and for the Quality Control Manual. Mr. Bennett developed much of the initial Quality Assurance command media in his assignment with the early "cadre" of Boeing employees to the Saturn S-IC Program, In addition, he maintained the change system for continual updating of the command media as necessary to support program demands. His assignment included cost estimating for the Quality and Reliability Organization and his efforts were appreciated in many cost proposals prepared by The Boeing Company. The most significant of his assignments included the proposal to fabricate the S-IC stages II through 15. In his subsequent assignment as an Industrial Engineer, Perry was responsible for new business cost estimating, contract evaluation and negotiation, business system evaluation, technical writing, and preparation of the Quality and Reliability Assurance Annual Progress Report. He was also given the assignment to prepare the Quality and Reliability Assurance Organization's chapter for the Roll of Honor. Beyer, Edward Charles,  Research Engineer. Born March 3, 1936 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ed's responsibility was the development and maintenance of the weld certification and evaluation program. He also provided technical support in the heat treat and other - special process areas. His weekly weld process status repx>rt provided management visibility for prompt corrective action. He was selected as Quality and Reliability Assurance Man-of-the-Month for September 1967. Bierhorst, Jr., Oliver Kerl,  Engineering Aide. Born July 18, 1944 in New Orleans, Louisiana. O.K. was responsible for the planning, scheduling and conducting of equipment quality analyses, hardware problem analyses, and quality maintenance tests of electrical/electronic assemblies. Benscotter, Louis, was a X-Ray Technician and performed  his job in a professional matter. Bills, Thomas Paul,  Inspector Electronic/Mechanical. Born March 23, 1918 in Topeka, Kansas. Tom joined the Apollo Program in July 1964 in the S-IC Test Inspection Department where he quickly advanced to Lead Electrical/Mechanical Inspector responsible for second shift activities. Through a comprehensive knowledge of quality and engineering requirements and meticulous attention to detail, he was able to maintain the quality standard in the Component Test, Hydrostatic Test, Engine Build-Up and Super Clean areas at a consistently high level. Tom's dependability and devotion to his responsible and challenging assignment was demonstrated in his attendance record. He was cited for over 15 consecutive months without an absence. Bornstedt, Kenneth Alan, Quality Representative. Born May 22, 1940 in Fargo, North Dakota. Mr. Bornstedt was assigned to a Midwest supplier's plant to assure the quality of critical high pressure ducting prior to delivery. Ken's ability to thoroughly investigate processing problems and his tactful handling of those problems made him an outstanding Source Control Representative. Boro, Euborn Lester,  Metrology Aide. Born November 16, 1920 in Jericho Springs, Missouri. Mr. Boro's contribution was of significant value to the successful static firings of S-IC stages at MTF through his thorough understanding of Quality disciplines associated with functional testing and calibration of test equipment in the Test Control Center. In association with the Chief Test Conductor, he ensured proper performance and acceptance of the S-IC stage tests. His diligence in ensuring compliance with applicable documentation during the testing program at" MTF was a major contribution to the Manned Space Flight Program. Boswell Curtice Richard, Supervisor. Born February 25, 1941 in Boyle, Mississippi. Mr. Boswell had the responsibility of Lead Delivery Analyst during the configuration assess ment and delivery of the S-IC 3 stage and associated contractual software. This was completed on March 15, 1967, ahead of the predicted date. The delivery culminated many months of compilation and evaluation of manufacturing and test data on approximately 820,000 parts. Approximately 100,000 line items of configuration data on the first Boeing built "Man Rated" S IC stage were presented to NASA for review and acceptance. During this review, only 41 deficiencies were n->ted, and these were successfully resolved prior to final customer acceptance. Boyles, Jack Glen, Inspector - Containers Assembly. Born January 18, 1921 in Augusta, Kansas. Jack was an Inspector for the Quality Weld Containers Group. He was responsible for visual, dimensional, and penetrant inspection of S-IC hardware that was fabricated in the weld, heat treat, and chemical cleanline areas. His overall effectiveness and performance was excellent. His quality discipline and zero-defect attitude was of the highest level. Breaux, Lois Marie, Clerk Born June 27, 1937 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Lois maintained records and indices of interorganizationul procedures, and a list of personnel authorized for Materials Review Board. Lois was chosen as Secretary-of-the Month for November 1968, in the Quality and Reliability Assurance Organization. Brewer, Joseph Hugh, inspector. Born August 18, 1916 in Gadsden, Alabama, Joe joined the program as Inspector in the assembly area. Later he was assigned Lead Inspector responsibilities in the Logistic Spares Store Area. Joe processed Logistic Spares for static tiring at MTF and launches at KSC. He was named Factory Operations Man of-the-Month for March 1969. Brown, John Maurice, Assistant Superintendent. Born September 5, 1929 in Somerset, Kentucky. Mr. Brown was the Los Angeles Area Superintendent for Source Control. He was responsible for the Quality Control functions of many suppliers of critical components. Through his management skill and knowledge of quality control, he helped to ensure that defect-free equipment was supplied to the Michoud Assembly Facility and Cape Kennedy. Bucaro, Philip Andrew,  Reliability Auditor. Born August 23, 1933 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Phil audited all organizations for compliance to program reliability requirements. He pinpointed areas where processing and control of S IC hardware could be improved to enhance the reliability of the S IC stage. Burrus, John Clinton,  Program Planner. Born February 15, 1917 in Brookport, Illinois. John was instrumental in the early development of documentation for the S-IC Program. He performed defect-free work in the coordination and design of business forms and the distribution of interorgantzational procedures. His later assignments was in Quality Assurance Resources and Systems. John maintained accountability of expenditures (both manhours and inspection facilities) amortized for the S-IC Program.
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