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Baker, Hollis Devere, Senior Supervisor. Born November 10, 1927 in Cassville, Missouri. During the implemen tation phases of the S-IC Program Hollis was assigned the function of Senior Audio-Visual Supervisor, Photographic. In this function, he established the basic internrganizational operating procedures for the development of photography support and reporting operations. This basic system continued and was recognized by NASA as a superior system relative to other associate contractor photographic reporting systems. Blanks, Nancy Collins, was born in Berry, Alabama on February 10, 1941. Nancy joined the Apollo Program, coming to work for Boeing in April 1962 following graduation from the University of Alabama, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Commerce and Business Education.Nancy's first assignment with Boeing was as secretary to the Saturn Booster Branch's Program Planning and Control Manager. She remained with this same manager until July 1966 — through his successive assignments as S-IC Program Planning and Reporting Manager and Launch Systems Branch Planning and Reporting Manager. In her subsequent assignment as S-IC Program Reports Technical Writer, Nancy performed such assignments as the writing and preparation of three levels of weekly progress reports, editing of Group Management Information Reports, and Annual Progress Reports. She was also given the Assignment to prepare the Planning, Reporting, and Technical Assurance Organization's chapter for the Roll of Honor. Her previous assignments provided her with unique perspective and insight into the growth and development of this organization. Karge, Robert Walter, Configuration Accounting Supervisor. Born April 3, 1921 in Pheonix, New York. Bob's efforts on the S IC Program began in March, 1964 when he transferred from Seattle to Michoud. Bob joined the Configuration Management Organization in June 1965, after serving as Operations and Systems Test Representative to the Change Board. In April, 1968 he was promoted to Supervisor of the Configuration Accounting Group. Bob was responsible for the gathering, sorting and publishing in a timely manner accurate SIC configuration statistical data and maintenance of the Change Processing Documents. The configuration documents and reports he issued were noted for their accuracy. Ward, James Etheridge, Industrial Engineer. Burn October 5, 1936 in Morrilton, Arkansas. Jim began as a Technical Writer in the S-IC Systems Test Organization, in a subsequent assignment, he compiled information for the Apollo/Saturn V Roll of Honor book. For his suggestion to use a magnetic tape/typewriter for the preparation of technical documentation, he was named Suggester-of-the-Month for the Systems Test Organization.
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