Michoud To The Moon
Aaron, Barbara Jean, Clerk. Born October 21, 1944 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Barbara was employed in the Engineering Release Organization where she was responsible for issuing documentation numbers and maintaining records on the documentation, and vendor test documentation. Barbara and an associate were required, over a relatively short period of time, to make 50,000 corrected inputs to keypunch and regenerate a necessary report. Barbara's diligent efforts permitted completion of the assignment with minimum errors. DuBois David, John, was born in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, on July 31, 1934. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin, where he majored in Production Management, in 1961.Dave joined the Apollo Program in December, 1963 after working for two years for Boeing in Seattle. His assignments included all phases of Industrial Engineering Estimating, Budget Control, Scheduling, Systems Engineering and Methods Engineering. He also served as the Operations Cost Improvement and Zero Defects Coordinator from September 1967 to September 1969. He was a Senior Supervisor in Industrial Engineering from January 1967 through 1969. Liebkemann III, George Frederick, Senior Tool Engineer. Born August 22, 1936 in Memphis, Tennessee. George designed and coordinated the fabrication, installation and initial use of travelling X-Ray tooling stations. This radiographic shielding technique permitted the first large scale use of high energy X Ray operations in open factory areas. McManus, Gilbert William, Supervisor Born September 18, 1931 in Dumont, New Jersey. Gil transferred to the program in 1964 as a Tool and Production Planner responsible for planning factory work load. In 1965, he joined the Finance Organization where he prepared estimates for new business proposals. He was promoted to Supervisor and assigned to the Final Assembly Organization-Production Control Stores in May 1966. In 1967, he became Administrative Supervisor for the Structures and Containers Organization providing administrative support for more than 1000 employees. In 1968, Gil was assigned as Operations Industrial Engineering Procedures and Documents Group Supervisor. In addition, he served as Administrative Assistant to the Operations Industrial Engineering Manager. In 1969 he was appointed Administrative Assistant to the S-IC Operations Manager.  
Saturn S-1C
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