Allan, John Frederick, Chief of Security. Born August 15, 1921 in Toronto, Canada. One of the original team that established operations for the Launch Systems Branch, Mr. Allan joined the program on February 19, 1962 as Chief of Security. In this capacity, he administered the security program at Michoud Assembly Facility and Mississippi Test Facility. He was instrumental in establishing and administering procedures pertaining to the protection of employees, Company, and Government property. In addition, Mr. Allan was responsible for the Michoud Civil Defense Plan and acted as permanent Chairman of the Michoud Boeing Phelps, Shirley Jane, Personnel Records Clerk. Born June 21, 1934 in Seattle, Washington. Shirley, through her conscientious efforts, contributed significantly to the program by establishing inputs for hourly payroll personnel records and simplifying clerical methods. Sandberg, Richard Dean, Management Development Coordinator. Born February 24, 1934 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Mr. Sandberg was assigned to the Launch Vehicle Branch in 1962. His first assignment was in the Industrial Relations Organization as a Personnel Representative. In this capacity, he handled sensitive personnel data including reclassifications, merits, transfers and terminations for the Engineering Organization. In 1966, Dick was promoted to Personnel Supervisor. He was responsible for planning, coordinating and executing activities in support of the entire S-IC Engineering Organization. During the latter stage of the program, Dick was reassigned as Management Development Coordinator. He contributed significantly to the Apollo Program in this assignment, by organizing and implementing all Management Development activities for the Launch Vehicle Branch. Williams, John Taylor,  Personnel Representative. Born March 30, 1941 in Paris, Tennessee. John joined the Apollo Program in January, 1966 as a Contract Administration Assistant. In July, 1966 John was chosen for an assignment in the Industrial Relations Organization as a Personnel Representative, He supported the Quality and Reliability Assurance Organization in selecting and hiring personnel. He provided administrative guidance to the Quality and Reliability Assurance Organization Manager on personnel matters.    
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