Michoud To The Moon
Abbott Jr., Frank Lynch, Associate Research Engineer. Born May 8, 1941 in Greenwood, Mississippi. Frank worked with electronic computing and plotting equipment to convert programs to new equipment. Hammond, Frisbee, Supervisor. Born December 5, 1916 in Lincoln, Nebraska. On May 1, 1963 he transferred to the Saturn Booster Branch of the Aero Space Division at Michoud, La. His assignment was that of Supervisor of the Engineering Procedures Group. This organization was responsible for preparation of all Engineering Procedures with special effort required to implement the MSFC Drafting System on the S-IC program. His organization grew to include the Library Services at both Michoud and Huntsville, the drawing release system, the Engineering vault and Security Control System, and all shop blueprint files. It was during this time, and under his leadership, that the Microfilm/Aperture card files were established to replace blue prints at considerable cost savings. In February 1966 he joined the Saturn V, Schedule II Configuration Management effort with specific duties as Supervisor of the Specification Preparation Group (MSFC Specs.). He spent three months in BATC (Jan. - Mar. 1967} organizing the Engineering Documentation Customer Delivery Operation. After this, he became a Supervisor in PP&R (later PR&AS) Management Reports and Presentations unit. It was in this capacity that he contributed the above chapter for the Apollo/Saturn V Roll of Honor in the name of the Huntsville Operating Arm.  
S-1C Contribution
Saturn S-1C & SAT V
                                                    Huntsville, Alabama
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