Michoud To The Moon
Adamski, John Steven, was born May 25, 1918 in New Hardee, is/orth Dakota. John jc TIE Program at Houston in 1967. He performed reviev of the Operational Checkout Procedures used for test the Command and Service Module.  In 1968  he tn Boeing Resident Office at Downey, California and prov the  Customer  Acceptance  Readiness  Reviews, the Reviews, the Configuration Control Boards, and the Reviews. In addition, he conducted continuing audits of implementation of the factory Configuration and Qualit Houston Apollo TIE) Angel, Edwin Benjamin, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on September 4, 1923. He received a BBA Degree from Tulane University and had twenty years of experience in administrative assignments prior to joining Boeing. In August, 1962, Ed started with The Boeing Company on the Saturn S-IC Program at New Orleans. He performed various administrative staff functions for the Facilities Manager as well as acted as Facilities Coordinator for Document Control, Records Management, the Employee Suggestion System, Training activity, and the Historical program. He was present during plant activation, the period of peak activity, the changeover from a cost-plus-fixed-fee contract to an incentive contract, and during the Facilities sustaining effort. Ed transferred to the Apollo TIE Program at Houston in March, 1968 as Cost Improvement Administrator. He later assumed additional responsibilities as the Motivational Programs Supervisor. As such he was responsible for Cost Improvement, New Technology, and Manned Flight Awareness. He was also responsible for the preparation and coordination necessary to complete the Houston Apollo TIE history for the Apollo/Saturn V Roll of Honor. Gans, Robert Le Roy, Program Coordinator Resource Planning. Born April 6, 1937 in Caldwell, Idaho. Mr. Gans joined the Boeing-Houston Apolio Spacecraft TIE Program in September of 1967 as a Resource Planning Coordinator in the Program Control Organization. He started with The Boeing Company in Seattle in 1957 and his ten years of experience as a draftsman, a Design Progress Estimator, an Industrial Engineer - Schedule Planner and an Operations Analyst were of tremendous value in the initial planning and development of the Houston Program Control Organization. Through his efforts, internal command media were and his was commended for his outstanding effort and contribution. In September, 1967 he joined the Apollo TIE Program at Houston as a Resource Planning Coordinator in the Program Control Organization. He contributed materially toward the initial planning and development of the Houston Program Control Organization. Through his efforts, internal command media was established. He assisted with the 1968 Planning and Operations Functional Evaluation. His Apollo TIE assignments included   report   writing, overtime control, and business systems management and development, as well as cost improvement and new technology. Robbins, Raymond Eugene, was born in Sumiton, Alabama on February 22, 1938. Ray received a   B. S. Degree in Industrial Management from the University of Auburn. In 1965, Ray started with The Boeing Company at Huntsville, Alabama as a Program Control Industrial Engineer. Ray joined the Houston Apollo TIE Program in June, 1967 as an Industrial Engineer in the Program Control Organization. He made major contributions in the early planning stages of the Apollo TIE Program. Through his efforts "skill mixes" were developed, budgeting problems were solved and work package assignments were determined. He developed, implemented and maintained a Houston Direct Overtime Control System. Welsh, Thomas Edward, was born in St. Louis, Missouri on June 24, 1933. Following graduation from De Paul University, Chicago, Illinois, Tom acquired ten years of experience in various phases of the Aerospace industry. During this time, his assignments involved the negotiation and administration of contracts related to the design, development and production of airborne and ground systems for use on the Apollo Program. In March, 1963, he joined The Boeing Company's Contracts Organization at the Boeing Atlantic Test Center (BATC). Initial assignments involved the performance of Contracts functions in support of the Engineering Organization. In addition, he provided Contracts support to the Launch Operations Organization as on-site Contracts Representative at the Vertical Assembly Building (VAB). In September, 1967, he joined the Houston Contracts Organization where he has participated in all facets of Contracts' activities as Contract Planning, Reporting and Services Supervisor. He was assigned the added responsibility for the preparation and maintenance of the Houston Historical Summary.
Saturn S-1C & SAT V
                                                    Houston, Texas
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