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Aitken, June Beverly,  Accountant. Born December 4, 1939, in New Orleans, Louisiana. She established, on her own initiative, a memo record of documents input to the mechan¬ized recording of costs that affected interdivisional (ID) effort. Without direction, she accumulated the support required each week for ID billings and made it possible to provide accounting distribution weekly instead of at the end of the budget month. This extra effort made it possible for the group to react to needed adjustments (such as changes in home and loan budgets on employee expenses) on a timely basis. Mozier, Edward Joseph, Accountant. Born November 25, 1921 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Mr. Mozier was responsible for evaluating cost savings suggestions and for the maintenance of Finance Organization operating procedures. He consistently ex¬ceeded these assigned duties by making improvements to suggestions and by pointing out other related areas that might be affected by the same cost saving recommendation. He inspired fellow employees to perform in a most cost effective manner. Ed received a Bachelor of Commercial Science degree from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he majored in accounting and business administration. Ed joined the S-IC Program on February 5, 1965, and brought with him a wealth of ideas and diversified work experience. He was assigned to the General Accounting section as an Overhead Expense Accountant. He quickly assimilated the unique accounting systems of The Boeing Company and within a few weeks advanced to the Ledgers, Taxes and Receivable section. His new duties and responsibilities involved gathering of all income and expense of the Launch Systems Branch as well as the preparation of Financial Statements for Corporate Headquarters. In 1966 Ed was transferred to the Accounts Payable section as Lead Man. Within three months he was again transferred to the Systems and Procedures Organization and given the responsibility for: development, preparation and coordination of all Finance Command Media, maintenance of the documents and forms control functions, and suggestion system. After promotion to Supervisor in 1967, he assumed the additional responsibilities of the Cost Improvement functions.
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