Michoud To The Moon
Acosta, Frank Lawrence, Crane Operator. Born April 9, 1942 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Frank joined the Material Handling Organization. His primary duties were fo guide the movement of overhead and mobile cranes. He also operated the 180 ton overhead bridge crane. Marshall,   Daniel Anthony,    Facilities Analyst.   Born   June   13,   1919   in   Port   Eads,   Louisiana.   Mr.   Marshall, an   Apollo   employee   during   the   inception   phase,   contributed   significantly   to   the   success   of   the   Apollo Program   through   exemplary   performance   in   the   conduct   of   various   assigned   administrative   functions.   He was   i nstrumental   in   the   establishment   of   a   Facilities   Document   Control   Program,   which   was   significant   in enabling   the   Facilities   Organization   to   support   its   role   in   the Apollo   Program.   Further,   he   was   credited   with cost   avoidance   submittals   in   the   amount   of   approximately   $1.3   million   and   cost   savings   in   the   amount   of approximately $350,000.  
Saturn S-1C
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