Michoud To The Moon
Beasley, Priscilla Ledora, Change Processing Clerk. Born February 10, 1943 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Priscilla joined the Saturn Program in early 1964 and was assigned to the Operations Organization performing clerical functions. She was subsequently assigned to the Contracts Organization wherein she provided clerical support to the Change Processing and Control Group. She was responsible for the preparation, reproduction and transmittal of Contract Change Proposals and Engineering Change Proposals. These tasks involve approximately 750 pieces of correspondence a week. Solar, Clifford Joseph, Senior Contract Administrator Administration Chief. Born December 24, 1919 in Morgan City, Louisiana. Cliff joined The Boeing Company on the Saturn Program in New Orleans in December 1965 as a Security Coordinator in the Industrial Relations Organization. In that position Cliff was responsible foi coordinating Industrial Security compliances, processing personnel security clearances, and conducting investigations related to company policies. In March of 1968 Cliff joined the Michoud Contracts Organization as a Senior Contract Administrator and was the Administrative Chief for the organization. In this position Cliff performed all administrative assignments relating to organization, personnel, training, office layout and equipment, funding, work authorization control, correspondence control, and organizational files. 
Saturn S-1C
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