Michoud To The Moon
Adler, Melanie,  Associate Engineer, Born February 16, 1943 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Melanie's efforts were instrumental In making Statistical Loads Analysis Program an effective computational tool for use in launch axial loads analyses and center engine cut-off dynamic studies. She also contributed significantly to the flight analysis efforts via the Tank Pressure Analysis Program and the LOX and Fuel Suction Duct Pressure Drop Program. Scafide, Sandra CecIlia, Procedures Analyst. Born June 3, 1936 in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Miss Scafide joined Boeing as the second local hire for the Saturn Program in March of 1962 and served as Secretary to the Industrial Relations Manager, Executive Assistant to the General Manager and the Data Processing Manager. She joined the Computer Sciences Applications Organization in May of 1964 and served as the Organization Manager's Secretary and as Procedures Analyst for the organization. She produced exceptionally high-quality reports for the organization including the Weekly Activity Reports, Annual Reports and reports on accomplishments in the field of Data Processing. Stafford, Lorraine Rita,  Secretary. Born November 20, 1923 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Lorraine served as a Secretary for over six years on the Saturn V Program. She consistently did work of exceptional quality, with minimum error on tight schedules. (See Michoud Computer Sciences Applications) streamlined by his direction. The best example being an automated data retrieval system capable of providing instantaneous history on each Boeing manufactured S-IC stage. Harry served as the Quality and Reliability Assurance Member to the Assessment Board which met previous to Apollo flights to assure necessary technical program corrective actions had been taken prior to launches.
Saturn S-1C
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