Saturn S-1C
Michoud To The Moon
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1. A special acknowledgement is given to the Boeing personnel who developed the Apollo/Saturn V Roll of Honor by The Boeing Company. This document forms the source of all the initial names listed on this Web Site. The contributing Boeing personnel were:   James E. Ward      Editor Carl H. Sanders     Introduction              Michoud Thomas P. McEwen Branch Management Robert W. Karge Planning, Reporting & Tech. Assurance Clifford J. Solar Contracts Robert W. Karge                                        Configuration Management Richard Sandberg Industrial Relations Edward J. Mozier Finance Sandra C. Scafide Computer Science Applications Robert D. Harrah Engineering David J. DuBois Operations Perry M. Bennett Quality & Reliability Assurance Randall L. Stallings Systems Test Daniel A. Marshall Facilities Patrick H. Taylor      Washington, D.C. Harry M. Haldane      Kennedy Space Center, Florida Jess H. Wheeler James F. Hammond      Huntsville, Alabama Edwin B. Angel      Houston, Texas Robert L. Gans Raymond C. Robbins Thomas C. Welch